Thursday, 30 October 2008

Burning Of The Witch

Watch your ass, the Puritants are coming.

England has a history of moral panic & incomprehensible knee-jerk scape goating. Someone must be to blame for all this sexless grind.

Happy Halloween!!!Its a national holiday now right? No, it isn't! The only one that people seem to have any real interest in without getting free stuff, and we have to get up and earn a living through it....

I grew up in the valley below Pendle Hill, which thrives on its Witchy history:

Really, the Blair Witch Project seemed as old hat when it came out as it does now to anyone who lived through teenage Pendle Hill rituals.

Have we really come on any as a race since the Witch Trials in the 17th century? Not much. Still mostly all stuffy bluster, holier than thou finger pointing, just pointing at the part of ourselves we can't deal with.

Burning Of The Witch-Troyka

And Andrew Sachs, or to use your more commonly known name until this week, Manuel, i know you'll be reading this, the one on the left in the picture above fucked your grandaughter, you know, the porn actress grandaughter who is in the pole-dancing troupe Satanic Sluts, & takes cheques off tabloids to tell sex tales, take off her undercrackers and preach about morals?

Deal with it, get a sense of humour, and stop Piers Morgan suckling on the nourishing Daily Mail green horned devil nipple.

Is it just me? Whole countries and continents are on the brink of blowing themselves up daily, there's a U.S. election next week, and all this country can talk about is somebody swearing on a pre-record on night time radio. Strange spooky times.

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