Saturday, 17 April 2010

Heart Bleeder #2: Curtis

Curtis Mayfield is an absolute titan of song. If we lived in more future thinking times he'd have been sainted by now. I can't think of anyone who consistantly made so many outstanding records. For the lost & swoonsome he had a bucketful, and i'm going for this one off one of his best LP's with The Impressions 'The Young Mods Forgotten Story'.

"Nothing left for me but bitterness, frustration, lost relation, for my deceiving heart...."

And the harmonies tumble down like September leaves. Lordy me, what a sad song.

'My Deceiving Heart'- The Impressions (Capitol 5610, 1966)

Friday, 2 April 2010

Ale & Spoils: Compliments of the town jeweller

Bank holiday drone. Nowhere to go. I may pop out for a little record shopping & a light ale.
A bag full of newly discovered discs, maybe a fanzine, a paper, and a long cool one. Magical, makes me feel like a cat in a sunbeam. I wish i was in a bar on Tibb St. in Manchester right now, or Mort Subite in Brussels....

...where one time i had the joy of reading the back of this record by Madvillain whilst supping the bars speciality jar titled 'Instant Death'. Not that instant, a had three. Steely Dan was coming from a speaker above the street & skirts floated by.
Come home summer, i'm waiting for you, and its my round.

'Curls'- Madvillain, from 'Madvillainy' (Stones Throw, 2004)