Friday, 26 December 2008

Eric & The Happy Thoughts

With my guts feeling lead-lined in the aftermath of Greedy fat gits day, i felt the need for a shot of happy energy, and be praised, my new best friend Eric from Indiana sent me an mp3 of his band 'Eric & The Happy Thoughts', who i just love.

According to Eric, its a lot more fun with Indiana girls, and i believe it:

Eric writes AMAZING pop songs and is incapable of making these pop songs any longer than 2 minutes, which is as long as any pop song needs to be.

Eric & The Happy Thoughts-Think Happy Thoughts


Monday, 15 December 2008

Pigs In Blankets

The last couple of years at our night, ahem, The Broken Shackle Tabernacle, we handed out christmas compilations called Pigs In Blankets, named after our favourite part of Christmas dinner, apart from the roast potatoes. And the wine.

But this year I couldn't be arsed, so i'm putting the tracks on here in celebration of me having a week off work.

The Walkmen-The Christmas Party

Jimmy Smith-Jingle Bells

The Wailers-She's Coming Home

Rotary Connection-Silent Night Chant

The Band-Christmas Must Be Tonight

Al Hirt-Santa Clause Is Coming To Town

Otis Redding-Merry Christmas Baby

The Sonics-Don't Believe In Christmas

Ron Sexsmith-Maybe This Christmas

Jose Feliciano-Feliz Navidad

The Raveonettes-The Christmas Song

Bob Segar-Sock It To Me Santa

Billy Childish-Poundland Christmas

The Beach Boys-Christmas Day

Smokey & The Miracles-Christmas Everyday

Oscar The Grouch-I Hate Christmas

Casiotone For The Painfully Alone-New Years Kiss

The Black On White Affair-Auld Lang Syne

Sunday, 14 December 2008

The House Of Bamboo

One rainy day this year, i visited the dwelling of Folk Beat troubadour Joe Woolley on the promise of fortifying rum & a mound of vinyl he wanted to flog. The rum didn't happen but i did have a sumptious ginger tea, and left with a copy of 'Shake N' Smooch' by Goon Show jazzer Ray Ellington, Off o' which comes this parping gem:

House Of Bamboo-Ray Ellington & His Band

He's alright is Joe. Catch him live, he's a finger-picking demon.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

New artiste of the year

Dennis Wilson has been everywhere i've looked this year. Good for him, he's great, just a shame he's dead. Yes he was the only Beach Boy who could actually surf, yes he was a handsome brute, yes he hung out with Charles Manson, yes he shagged a lot of beautiful women, yes he was a drunked bum who drowned in the Pacific under a boat, YAWN!!! Lets just let the music do the yappin'. With Pacific Ocean Blue getting a much deserved audience over the last few months, i thought i'd post some of my favourite other Denny tracks.
Such as:

Little Bird-From 'Friends'(1968)

Never Learn Not To Love-(co-written, or maybe more likely stolen from Charles Manson)From 20/20 (1968)

Its About Time-From 'Sunflower'(1970)

Sunflower is a grand album, possibly my favourite by The Beach Boys, at the minute at least, here's a youtube clip from that period of them playing Dennis' almighty 'Forever' live.

Lady- a B-Side!! from 1970

This one is just a monster, i have to thank Russell The Disaster from the staggering pop trio The Research for letting me know about this one, cor!:

Cuddle Up-From Carl & The Passions-So Tough (1972)

Well for one, this is seasonal, and for two, its AMAZING:

Holy Evening-Dennis Wilson

And, in closing, i'm chucking this one in the mix, a Brian song, but so good, and Dennis' voice suits the cracked up sentiment. Lovely job.

I'll Bet He's Nice-From 'The Beach Boys Love You' (1977)

Thursday, 4 December 2008


Yeah, Moondog is the one on the left in the above.

I can't get enough Moondog. A huge blind street musician with a viking helmet, spear, and home-made shoes & clothes, his eccentricity & novelty was upfront, but its the music that has the cosmic pull here. Totally magnetic, so simple & gorgeous. I've listened to his last LP 'Sax Pax For A Sax' more than anything else this year. The drums on it are phenomenal, just a bass drum getting stomped, and the instruments slide in a weavy web around the caveman beat like little golden birdies.

Moondog-Golden Fleece

I can't get enough Moondog 'coz theres not enough Moondog to get. Why has nobody made a film about this guy? And why don't the music magazines have him on their covers? Surely, there are no new stories about The Beatles or Bob Dylan? Give me Moondog you luddite monkey boils!

Moondog-Tout Suite No1 In F Major:Mov 3