Saturday, 13 December 2008

New artiste of the year

Dennis Wilson has been everywhere i've looked this year. Good for him, he's great, just a shame he's dead. Yes he was the only Beach Boy who could actually surf, yes he was a handsome brute, yes he hung out with Charles Manson, yes he shagged a lot of beautiful women, yes he was a drunked bum who drowned in the Pacific under a boat, YAWN!!! Lets just let the music do the yappin'. With Pacific Ocean Blue getting a much deserved audience over the last few months, i thought i'd post some of my favourite other Denny tracks.
Such as:

Little Bird-From 'Friends'(1968)

Never Learn Not To Love-(co-written, or maybe more likely stolen from Charles Manson)From 20/20 (1968)

Its About Time-From 'Sunflower'(1970)

Sunflower is a grand album, possibly my favourite by The Beach Boys, at the minute at least, here's a youtube clip from that period of them playing Dennis' almighty 'Forever' live.

Lady- a B-Side!! from 1970

This one is just a monster, i have to thank Russell The Disaster from the staggering pop trio The Research for letting me know about this one, cor!:

Cuddle Up-From Carl & The Passions-So Tough (1972)

Well for one, this is seasonal, and for two, its AMAZING:

Holy Evening-Dennis Wilson

And, in closing, i'm chucking this one in the mix, a Brian song, but so good, and Dennis' voice suits the cracked up sentiment. Lovely job.

I'll Bet He's Nice-From 'The Beach Boys Love You' (1977)


ib said...

Some beautiful songs here. Too much melancholia...

I have never listened to all of "20/20" - despite those sessions spawning the magnificent "Breakaway" - or even "Friends" in its entirety, although I love "Be Here In The Morning".

Great to see a post built around Dennis.

Blank Stares & Cricketclaps said...

I love Friends, and 20/20 has 'I Went To Sleep' on it, which is one of the finest songs about getting off your face in a park i've ever heard.

ib said...

Thanks for the tip, cricket claps. You've prompted me to dig out those two on CD and listen more studiously.