Thursday, 4 December 2008


Yeah, Moondog is the one on the left in the above.

I can't get enough Moondog. A huge blind street musician with a viking helmet, spear, and home-made shoes & clothes, his eccentricity & novelty was upfront, but its the music that has the cosmic pull here. Totally magnetic, so simple & gorgeous. I've listened to his last LP 'Sax Pax For A Sax' more than anything else this year. The drums on it are phenomenal, just a bass drum getting stomped, and the instruments slide in a weavy web around the caveman beat like little golden birdies.

Moondog-Golden Fleece

I can't get enough Moondog 'coz theres not enough Moondog to get. Why has nobody made a film about this guy? And why don't the music magazines have him on their covers? Surely, there are no new stories about The Beatles or Bob Dylan? Give me Moondog you luddite monkey boils!

Moondog-Tout Suite No1 In F Major:Mov 3

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