Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Interrupted Concert

'Felbeszakadt Koncert' by Omega from Pepita (1969)

Boom! Lovely little number.

I work with a Hungarian, i should really take my copy of Well Hung (Funk-Rock Eruptions From Beneath Communist Hungary Vol.1) into work and ask what all these things mean. Probably never will though, i've got a bad feeling it won't live up to what the music is saying, especially on 'The Interrupted Concert' by an early version of future spandex proggers Omega. Pounding.

Just one sweet sweet collection from a mountain of sweets from the impeccable & forever tastefully hungry Finders Keepers

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Hard Lovin' Loser

Looking into Judy Collins' disarming eyes will hardly prepare you for this harpsichord hoedown stomper.
Hard Lovin' Loser is a critique of some poor unfortunates laughable attempts of masculinity. She reduces his use in this life as nothing beyond bed-driving skills. You're only good for one thing boy. Its almost bar-room baudiness. And look on the sleeve photo there, is she going to hold the mirror to her face or yours? She's got a brandy & cigar on the go...

Judy Collins is a ball breaker.

'Hard Lovin' Loser' by Judy Collins from In My Life (Elektra, 1966)

And here she is performing Hard Lovin' Loser with those oddballs The Smothers Brothers:

Friday, 3 April 2009

Chasing A Bee

'Chasing A Bee' by Mercury Rev from Yerself Is Steam(Columbia Records,1991)>

Jimy Chambers – Drumming
Jonathan Donahue – Silver Pickup Guitar
Grasshopper – Unafon Guitar Reels
Suzanne Thorpe – Point Red Flute
Dave Fridmann – Bass Explore, Majestic Bellowphone
David Baker – Vocals & Shouting

My brother took me to a comics/record fair at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the spring of 1992. The original plan was to pick up some missing links in my Marvel Universe collection, but i left with a cassette copy of Yerself Is Steam by Mercury Rev. It was ok. I got it on the strength of seeing the Chasing A Bee video i'd seen that week on MTV's 120 minutes, which i still think is about as far as the music video medium has gone in being just fucking smashing. I turned a corner that week.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009