Sunday, 5 April 2009

Hard Lovin' Loser

Looking into Judy Collins' disarming eyes will hardly prepare you for this harpsichord hoedown stomper.
Hard Lovin' Loser is a critique of some poor unfortunates laughable attempts of masculinity. She reduces his use in this life as nothing beyond bed-driving skills. You're only good for one thing boy. Its almost bar-room baudiness. And look on the sleeve photo there, is she going to hold the mirror to her face or yours? She's got a brandy & cigar on the go...

Judy Collins is a ball breaker.

'Hard Lovin' Loser' by Judy Collins from In My Life (Elektra, 1966)

And here she is performing Hard Lovin' Loser with those oddballs The Smothers Brothers:

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- said...

Wow, this song has a wide dynamic range. I didn't think it would "kick in" that much. Great stuff.