Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Papa Was A Rascal

"'re pretty naive. He's a man, he's attracted to you & he wants to have sex with you. You don't think he does? Well you don't know anything about men."-Larry David. From the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode 'Club Soda And Salt', when Larry comes home to find his wife Cheryl having a beer in the lounge with her tennis partner Brad.

George Jackson-Find em, Fool em, Forget em

Silver Jews-I'm Gonna Love The Hell Out Of You

"A preacher was talking there's a sermon he gave, He said every man's conscience is vile and depraved"-Bob Dylan, 'The Man In The Long Black Coat'.

Afghan Whigs-Let Me Lie To You

Roy Head-Treat Her Right

The Sonics-The Hustler

Monday, 9 February 2009

The Gods Have Been So Kind....

I'm posting this gossamer light little number about '300 days of July' after reading a post over at the ghost of electricity about that former ginger prince of indie Alan McGee, whose kindgom once stretched from Southampton Joiners to Glasgow's King Tuts. And who now unfortunately waffles daily on myspace about how amazing Glasvegas & some plodding pubrockers The Grants are. Some people should never EVER give up drugs.

"The Poptones regulars are back with a Phil Spector-ish symphonic workout, stuffed to the gills with fey indie warblings, glistening guitars drenched in echo and a complete absence of funk. Think Spacemen 3 without the smacked-out chaos. But it's still a more-than-pleasant riff, in a floating downstream sort of way. And if you've spent the night marching to the beat of the 21st-century techno drum, Arnold's prescription for chemical comedown blues could be just what the doctor ordered." -Kieran Wyatt, NME, Aug 14th, 2001.

Oh My-Arnold (from the 7" single on Poptones, 2oo1)

Russian Spy & I

Stuck in the frozen wastes of Northampton, listening to The Hunters chugging through the splendide 'Russian Spy & I', I can't help wondering how Jan Akkerman can play guitar like that with a normal human hand, and also, what with Russia having something like this weather all the time, how do all those sexy spies manage to do all that subtle sexy spying with any dignity. I can't get to the Co-op without turning into some massive cartoon clown.

'Russian Spy & I'-The Hunters (1966)

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Rattlesnake Shake

"I think the enviromental conditions here in the rec. room would be absolutely perfect for The Fleetwood Mac"

There is nothing about this little bit of film i don't like.