Sunday, 1 February 2009

Rattlesnake Shake

"I think the enviromental conditions here in the rec. room would be absolutely perfect for The Fleetwood Mac"

There is nothing about this little bit of film i don't like.


ib said...

Great bit of footage, agreed. I'm at a loss as to what Hugh Hefner was doing introducing it, though; did he have his own late night tv show ?

Blank Stares & Cricketclaps said...

Yeah, i believe it was called 'Playboy After Dark', seemingly chockfull of hipchat with the likes of Lenny Bruce, high maintainence breasts & pipe-smoking, there are some incredible clips on youtube, here's one of Buddy Miles:

ib said...

I have no issue whatsoever with high maintenance breasts, providing they're real.

Anything less is considerably less. Lenny Bruce was very alright; the Heff less so, but no less entertaining.

WV= "chelse". I kid you not.