Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Thou Shalt Not Steal

Oh but we shall. Done it before & we'll do it again.

Moral conundrums are as bereft in the magical kingdom of rock n roll riffage as they are in the looting free-for-all of MP3 blogging.

The Blues got royally pillaged for its strutting golden goose eggs. From the delta porch, to Beale Street, to the Cavern, to McLemore Ave., to Sunset Strip, to CBGB's, to the Roxy, to Defjam, all the way through to the 6th Floor office of some hellhound of a TV advertising agency, there's been some snotty cockeroo stood around hearing the same few notes thats made their underpants & wallets twitch & thought-"I'll have that".
And so what? Its just a glory bound hand-me-down.

But D.R. Hooker? D. R Hooker's taking the piss.

'The Bible'-D.R.Hooker (1972)

Buy 'The Truth'HERE

His one private press released LP-'The Truth', is a swirling psychedelic gem, and so obsolete as to fetch $1000 from the pockets of certain rich fools. How do such well conceived, greatly produced works of art disappear like that? Not always easy to say, but in this case, I'd say its pretty obvious-LOOK! That's him on the cover! Off his top bollocks! He's got a massive Jesus complex & was spouting 'Set yourself free my children...' quasi-cult jive to a culture quaking with post-Manson Family horrors. Where did it all go wrong D.R? Might have been the robes eh?
Hmm maybe...but NO!!!! I'll tell you when! When you swiped a riff off Neil Young to propel a song about how amazing Jesus' fashion sense & the Bible's message is, and thusly helping the black dawning of 'Chr*stian R*ck'.

Youuuu contradictory pillock D.R.

Nice sounds though.

'I've Been Waiting For You'- Neil Young (1968)

Neil Young is EVERYWHERE

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