Sunday, 12 October 2008

Blue Monday People

Oh me oh my ohh. So...away we go. You've got to pay for those crimes of the night. And here comes a monday. Back to zero. Clock-in time. Monday i'll have friday on my mind. Welcome to the workin' week. Oh I know it don't thrill ya, I hope it don't kill ya.
You gotta do it 'til you're through it-so you better get to it. An all that gobbledegook. Don't matter. 'Coz everyones the same, and if you're listening to who i'd claim should be made latter day saints-Curtis Mayfield & Lee Hazlewood, wallowing away like Monday's sun will never go down, well, it almost feels good to be this miserable.

Blue Monday People-St. Curtis Mayfield

If Its Monday Morning-St. Lee Hazlewood

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