Sunday, 12 October 2008

Time Machine-"Turn Back Time"/"Bird On The Wind" (1971)

In the 3-dimensional space we comprehend, we have three directions of free movement:

1.) Left/Right
2.) Back/Forth
3.) Up/Down

What i'm dealing with as i place this beautiful, beautiful 7" piece of vinyl on the turntable is another option-


Special music dealing with the fourth dimension here. Strange sentiments & AMAZING music from Time Machine, a one-shot french group led by Frederic Leibovitz (who also led Aphrodite's Child and Jupiter Sunset), which recorded this single in 70/71.
If he could turn back time, well no-one can turn back time, but if he could...he'd visit H.G.Wells and ask him how to turn back time. Odd thought.

"There is, though I do not know how there is or why there is, a sense of infinite peace and protection in the glittering hosts of heaven. There it must be, I think, in the vast and eternal laws of matter, and not in the daily cares and sins and troubles of men, that whatever is more than animal within us must find its solace and its hope." -H.G.Wells

The inspiration for this dusty 7 would appear to be a little late 1970 night chong session accompanied by a TV showing of a film adaptation of Wells 1895 novella 'Time Machine'.
The A-Side is marvelous, have pan-pipes ever been of so much use anywhere else? But the reversed-tape psych-out B-Side 'Bird On The Wind' steals the show. Mesmerising drama.

Time Machine-Turn Back Time

Time Machine-Bird On The Wind

You won't find a copy of this in Zavvi, but the A-side appeared on Vol.2 of the sensational Rubble series HERE

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