Sunday, 2 November 2008


Whilst wading through piles of debris in the culture corner of my flat this claret filled sleepy sunday, I rediscovered this forgotten tasty little number on a compilation that landed on my doormat over 3 years ago from the good people at Manchester record label Melodic

The sunshine harmonies and odd lysergic digital thrust of the tRANSELEMENt track was quite appealing at the time, and still is, so i had a quick gander to see what they might be up too these days.

Turns out they're long gone, they split around the same time I first heard them in 2005, all myspace links and info on the band have gone a little stale, though learning they concocted this wizadry a couple of miles from where i was raised and dragged up made me even more interested. The Pendle images in my head of dry stone walls, rolling green & grey landscapes, claustrophobic country lanes and gangs of teenagers off their rockers on mushrooms really blends with what these chaps seemed to be about.

This paragraph on their abandoned Myspace seems to be the sum of their toils:

"tRANSELEMENt (formerly EleMenT) was a musical ensemble located betwixt Pendle's hills and undulations making alternative and interesting sounds/noise/musique from 1994-2004."

And thats about all the info i can muster, though they did do a couple of Peel sessions, being discribed by the Margrave as 'a bit weird' which is some compliment i think.

tRANSELEMENt- Harmonious Ascent

Lead bod Jay Stansfield went on to form a new band called SAY that seems to be dealing in a similar Pendle magic & well worth keeping an ear on.

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