Sunday, 9 November 2008

Albert Hoffmans Bicycle

On April 16th 1943, Swiss scientist Albert Hoffman rode his bicycle home from his work at the Sandoz laborities where he had been researching lysergic acid derivatives. Having absorbed some of the synthesised liquid through his fingertips, by quitting time Hoffman was tripping balls, the bike was barely moving him along in his perception, as bystanders jumped out of his path as he powered by wild haired at 30mph. He had cooked up LSD, or as he called it 'Medicine For The Soul'. And thus began the long strange, easily cliched trip, and the AMAZING music it influenced.

What did Hoffman do when he got home that night? Check the results.....?
Ashley Reaks-Football Results

Of course changing your perception of the world and your own consiousness isn't always going to make you a useful member of Capitalist society, so well founded & researched anti-drug propaganda films are handy in making 'the kids' scared of things they don't understand. Like this clean-cut chick who naively considered having a good time and ended up talking to a hot-dog:

Ah but how nice to be out in the summer breeze spring footing it naked to the sounds of H.P. Lovecraft, your fingers stretching off into the horizon & laughter floating out in bubbles. Kiss me, you fool....

Mobius Trip- H.P. Lovecraft

...Bloody hippies. Oh god....whats god? Everythings god, i'm on this pebble floating in space forever, death has never seemed so real or unimportant....I think i'm getting the sweating tremons... don't get the fear, too late, its all going wrong, so here's 'Breaking The Bread' by Enon, played at the wrong speed because i think it sounds better that way....

Breaking The Bread-Enon

Drugs are underated. There should be more drugs. Make more drugs and give them to the right people. Not all drugs, Special Brew is rotten at its core, and nothing good could ever come from crack cocaine, although it could be argued that its part in the downfall of Whitney Houston's career was its gift to mankind.

The drug sequence in cinema has been cliched into the ground. They need a comeback, this is a favourite from 1969's Easy Rider....whilst you watch this editmongers of a clip, listen to the closing beat number 'Ozium' from the long-player 'Spine Of God' by those fresh faced boys Monster Magnet

Ozium-Monster Magnet

Right, now we've had our fun, but its monday tomorrow so come on, pull your socks up and fuck off.


ib said...

Excellent stuff, this! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post and I haven't even started on the video links yet.

I detest Special Brew, too, incidentally; but alcohol in general will always occupy a very special place in my liver.

Also. You should see the young black ex boy-soldiers around here distributing crack cocaine and crystal meth in their Primark Gangsta leisure ware. Almost single handedly, they have succeeded in turning the docile stumbling junkies of yesteryear into rabid confrontational lunatics.

ib said...

Yes. Ashley Reaks = wildly entertaining! Thanks.

Blank Stares & Cricketclaps said...

Ah, thanks very much Sibling friend, appreciated!!
I believe just about every conspiracy theory i've ever heard about the influx of heroin & crack on ghetto's & estates and its influence on the working class, because the theories make so much sense from a power point of view.

But yeah, think i might just pop out for nice bit of 2005 Bordeaux!

Here's to ya!

ib said...

Cheers! Enjoy that Bordeaux - I'm off to Tesco midweek for some vino, perhaps, but they've just opened a Lidl nearby; a fairly good rye whiskey for under a tenner...

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