Thursday, 23 July 2009

Something borrowed from something blue

'Ello ello ello, what we got 'ere then Mr. Cocker? This has bothered me ever since it was released as a single in early 2007.

Now i don't want to do the slagging on Jarvis, i like the chap, and though he's not belting out the readymade pop classics like he did in Pulp, its good that he's around, in fact, we could do with about 10 more 25 year old versions of him to pump some blood & brains into the popscene if thats possible, but come off, this is a bit of a blatent rip.
I don't see any shared credit for Goffin/Spector on the sleeve. How does this sort of thing go unnoticed? 'Born To Be With You' isn't stuffing up the racks of most 24 hour Tesco's, but its hardly a total obscurity, i've seen it on a couple of jukebox's in a couple of London bars that were trying a bit too hard to look cool. I mean, its a lovely LP, but its got such a fucked up, sad druggy drag foot vibe, who wants to hear that over a 5th afternoon chaser? Oh....yeah, well they may have been on to something there, but...

I know Phil Spector has been a bit distracted lately, but i'm almost shocked it slipped under his increasingly desperate radars. (Starsailor???££??)

'Don't Let Him Waste Your Time' by Jarvis Cocker from 'Jarvis' (Rough Trade, 2005))

'Only You Know' by Dion from 'Born To Be With You' (Phil Spector International, 1976))

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