Tuesday, 21 July 2009


"Lazarus, La's-arus, La's. He directed light. And the light comes from the water. It keeps you alive, la. And the pool is where we have to be. The Liver-Pool. The Mississippi, the Mersey-sippi. In history all the maddest scientists were the best ones and they all stayed close to the water."
-Lee Mavers, AWOL since 1990, interviewed by Paul Moody in 15 April, 1995's edition of NME

'Failure' by The La's (Go Discs, 1989)


ib said...

Nice quote. I liked the La's. I'm intrigued though... Did he do a Syd or what ? I am completely out of touch with (alluded to) events. Mentally, I have always filed them next to House of Love.

Shine on.

Blank Stares and Cricketclaps said...

There's no full story on this.

Rumours were of a Heroin habit fuelled by the stockpile of cash from the omnipotent hit as the rest of the band just walked away.

This may be a bit unfair as the one released LP only ever came out against the bands wishes. (because Pete Townsend wouldn't produce them, not enough vintage dust on the guitar strings etc.)

Those excuses don't really wash anymore as you don't have to record in a studio to have releaseable sounds these days.

Mavers comes back now again to play shows, and there was a recent story of his working on a 2nd album with members of the Pete Doherty crack camp, which really doesn't bode well on all levels.

Occasional stories over the last 15 years have often stired the imagination of what might be, always the mention of Mavers' mass of new, glorious, material, but as youtube has exposed in unreleased tapes, this seems far from the case.

So, not quite Syd, but a big burnout for sure, and massive waste coz' he's at the very least one of the best white vocalists i've ever heard.

Well thats my theory and i'm sticking to that.

Yeah, House Of Love were pretty good too.

Good to hear from you ib! Ta!!

ib said...

Thanks for filling in the blanks. I was not even aware of the Pete Townshend debacle and the absence of fairy dust.

The one time I had the opportunity to go see the La's in Glasgow I never made it out the pub directly across the street. A friend had purchased tickets and was unable to make it, and I was gifted a pair as a result. I think "There She Goes Again" may even have played behind the bar at some point.

I've never had much time for Doherty. As for Mavers, it's like the title of that old Lurkers 45:

"Heroin - It's All Over."

Agreed on his vocal talent. Stunning voice and ear for harmony.

ib said...

A further point regarding Doherty.

When he last played Glasgow, a minder allegedly chauffeured him up to the block of flats I live in to purchase a few bags of smack. I have this on good authority. The guy who sold him the stuff is a complete scumbag. Unfortunately neither of them has thus far OD'd.

Blank Stares and Cricketclaps said...

Pete Doherty's money & luck must run out soon. Then what's left? What a waster indeed.

I forgot to put a little interview clip with this post, just popped it on now. Insightful i think you could call it.

ib said...

I have an acquaintance who has expressed some admiration for Doherty in the past. I felt compelled to bite my tongue.

I am trying harder these days not to let it blurt.

Thanks for adding the interview snippet. I will endeavour to listen to it once the offspring have tired of the Simpsons and reruns of Top Gear. Tea Time !