Sunday, 28 June 2009

Poppin 'round Beatle John's sunroom

I don't know why i've spent the last 2 hours totally engrossed in the endless magnifying glass on John Lennon's greenbelt hideaway abode between 1964-68 at Kenwood Lennon Blogspot but i don't regret it yet.

The obsessive nature of what goes on over on this blog is faintly worrying, but the affection for Dr.Winston is heart warming. And if i'm honest, John has always been a big deal for me, so i guess that helped keeping my interest in the archectural layout of Kenwood's swimming pool, a recent film of the stripped bare former attic studio, and what pictures he had up on the walls of the sunroom. I was particularly impressed with the 'Safe As Milk' stickers.

Well i guess its just interesting to see what the most famous pop star in the world was doing walled up in the middle of nowhere whilst outside was swinging to his records.

Lazing about, taking quite a lot of acid, and dream-weaving mostly it seems.

'Strawberry Fields Forever' John Lennon's Home Demo

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