Monday, 15 June 2009

Get Thy Bearings

Of course PC's are useless. I'd stay in Mactown if the rates weren't so high. Mac's don't bluescreen every ten minutes, that just doesn't happen. They don't spring up skull & crossbones messages telling you all is lost.
Christ, walk into PC World, the first thing you see is the gargantuan eyesore of the 'tech guys' shiny chamber, ready to take your money to deal with the inevitable.

All done now, get thy bearings, start from scratch.

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ib said...

Well. I've had a Mac since 2001/2. My first iMac crashed and died on me without warning, and that was all she wrote. I lost all my data and was blasted right back to the stone age for the better part of three years or so until I finally made enough money to invest in a new (ex shop display) iMac.

That's pre-Intel, of course; a PPC running on the old Motorola chip, but still much faster than that Windows shit. It has served me very well - touch wood - but they are a bitch to attempt to carry out repairs on.

And pricey.

My SuperDrive died on me a couple of years back now, and I still haven't got round to replacing it.

Nice to hear some Donovan.