Saturday, 21 March 2009

Sugar Rub

Sexy pop music is a thing of the past. Everyone knows that, thats why vinyl is still so popular. Its the real deal, you can feel it, smell it... "huhg!! Yes thats mint...M+!"

Sure Cheryl Cole & Co. look ok I suppose, but like an iPod, it add's up to not much more than a box of dead-eyed digital whores, its all so much not so fantastic plastic. When it comes to core roots glossy yet organic horniness, thats a thing left in the 70's it seems.

Like Zenda Jacks. This is how pop stars used to get the raw materials across to an audience, look at this live set-up, no miming here:

Would have loved to have seen that show. Didn't help Zenda's career any, the debut 45-Rub My Tummy, sank without charting, and that was more or less that. Damn shame.

'Rub My Tummy' by Zenda Jacks(Magnet Records,1974)

Example No. 2: Lynsey De Paul

'Sugar Me' by Lynsey De Paul(MAM Records,1972)

Example No. 3:

What's all this about? How did it ever become mainstream entertainment? Who the hell cares, i'm all for a comeback...

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