Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I Know Exactly Where I Am

I just happily rediscovered the last LP by The Hollies to feature Graham Nash before he cleverly buggared off to sunnier climbs. T'was a typically 1967 titled 'Butterfly'. Some lovelies can be found on here. Light a candle, take a deep breath, and put your head back....

'The Maker' by The Hollies from Butterfly(1967)

A single, King Midas In Reverse, crawled to #18 in the UK charts in September 1967, and squelched to #51 in the US a month later
'King Midas In Reverse' By The Hollies from Butterfly(1967)

And whilst we're under the Midas touch, how about this from psychedelic plunderers Beyond The Wizards Sleeve, who beatify the technicolour past without any additives....

'Midas Reversed' by Beyond The Wizards Sleeve from ARK1(2008)

If that was good to you go visit Beyond The Wizards Sleeve at myspace for furthur adventures.

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