Sunday, 4 January 2009

Sick & Saccharine

I need taking to the vets. Sick as a pike for over a week now. Slept into a new year. My lungs feel like they're full of ashes. I'm on my second pack of Peach & Raspberry Soothers today, they're pretty good. With those and the mixture of pills and sweet medicine i'm in a very odd place, waking at around 04.18 every morning with the roaring heaves before bringing on the sugar rush treatments.

And here are todays sugar rush treatments.

Simple Man-Graham Nash

Lets Pretend-The Raspberries

I Don't Believe In Miracles-Colin Blunstone

Chestnut Mare-The Byrds


ib said...

Cold infections abound. I just got rid of one by New Year's Day, only to come down with yet another mutation in time for the end of the season.

The woman at my local pharmacy eyed me suspiciously when I spurned standard paracetamol in favour of something containing minute traces of codeine. Made me feel like a junkie.

Blank Stares & Cricketclaps said...

Codeine? I didn't see anything with that, good job, mixing medecine's isn't as great an idea in reality as popular culture has led me to believe, thats what they do to old people in homes to keep them schtum.

Thats what i feel like now, still can't shake it.

Damn those pharmacists eyes, if i want some codeine, 12 gross of ribbed extra trojans and a bumper pack of nappies, let it go, its nearly the weekend fechrissakes!

ib said...

What you want is "Co-codamol"; a magic effervescent dissolving analgesic which contains codeine. Unfortunately, they put paracetamol in it to stop you taking too much, but it does work - and it's refreshing enough to get rid of that foul viral taste in one's mouth.

It's about a couple of quid for 24 tablets.