Thursday, 8 January 2009

A Group Called Smith

Smith were:

Gayle McCormick - Lead Vocals
Larry Moss - Hammond B-3 & Kazoo
Jerry Carter - Bass
Robert Evans - Drums
Rich Cliburn - Lead Guitar

Strange how this lot never made great waves. They seemed to have it all, not least in the soaring blue-eyed soul vocals of Gayle McCormick, who was also, i'm sure it won't escape your attention, red hot.

Information is pretty scarce on detailed history, and it probably wouldn't be that fascinating if it was available to cut & paste here. This much i know-they recorded two cracking LP's- 'A Group Called Smith' in 1969 & 'Minus-Plus' in 1970.
The US Top 5 hit they had with 'Baby Its You' & the version of 'The Weight' on the soundtrack of Easy Rider should have been the springboards to massive success but...ah well...they still knocked out some stormers, heres the closing tracks off boths LP's.....

Minus-Plus-Smith (From 'Minus-Plus' 1970)

Mojaleskey Ridge-Smith (From 'A Group Called Smith'1969)

Live TV appearance in 1969:

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