Sunday, 5 September 2010

Michael Head: Daydream Keeper

Where is Michael Head's head at? Heard he's been cancelling a lot of shows of late, hope he isn't meandering back down that misty lane. Getting a bit old for that sort of fooling around. Might just be a bit under the weather, but the narco wanderlust is in the blood, the lineage of scouse mystics with a love to get lost in a haze and live in oblivian. Cut crystal melodies like Somethin' Like You from 'The Magical World Of The Strands' just fall out of his bonce like daydreams.

'Somethin' Like You'-Michael Head & The Strands(Megaphone, 1998)

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John Medd said...

Not seen him since Shack supported Oasis a couple of years back. John Head's playing a few gigs in Liverpool I read recently. Have they drifted apart (again)?