Monday, 8 March 2010

Lynn Taitt-Sooooooooul Fooood

Just enough winter sunshine through the streaky windows to warrant a stinging tear from my sick eye & the first spin for 2010 of this rocksteady evergreen good-timer from recently gone on legend Lynn Taitt.

"...mix em it?....Sooooouul Food!"

'Soul Food'-Lynn Taitt & The Jets(Pama Records, 1968)


Mondo said...

That is a treat I'm lost on Pama releases where's best to start?

Blank Stares and Cricketclaps said...

Not that hot on it myself Mondo, i got this on the 400% Dynamite compilation on Soul Jazz Records.

A Pama box set would be a very special thing, but the Black Is Soul comp's are are good starter:

Mondo said...

I've got the 300% Dynamite comp which is scorching - most of the Studio One comp's are killers too.

And you must get Ernest Ranglin's Below The Bassline - it's almost acoustic jazz reggae