Saturday, 20 February 2010

Back From Seeing The Wizard

A slight sojourn there. A little falling out with BT can go a long way. Then i got a call from Alan Moore who asked me to write a 6-page 50 year history of Rock N Roll in Northampton for his new underground reader 'Dodgem Logic'. This task was not without some elbow grease, enough to nearly ended me. Not quite. No, actually very enjoyable. The second issue is out now, and is full o' sweet treats.

Yowzah yowzah yowzah! BUY BUY BUY!


Then there was a party to launch the thing which looked like this:

At which the boss actually unveiled some tunes he's been knocking up with "close personal friends of mine" The Retro Spankees & Downtown Joe Brown, here's a clip off youtube of the Greenbaum booming 'Johnny Fortunate':

Then i ate some turkey and got drunk for a month.

Then i sobered up whilst dj-ing for 5 strippers (they call it burlesque, but that seems to be just a case of frills) at this:

Then i wrote this blog & played this song for you:

So there we go. Hope you're swell.


ib said...

Fuck me! You're back; I'd almost written yo off as 'resting' in perpetuity. Save for the Twitter.

Congratulations on the jobbing for Mr. Moore and the Burlesques.

I shall look into some Dodgem Logic.

ib said...

I shall be placing an order in the next three 'working' days. Guaranteed.

Blank Stares and Cricketclaps said...

Thanks ib.

Comfy laurels for sure. It seemed healthy having no internet for a while. Then suddenly massively distressing.

Good to see you're prolific as ever.

ib said...

Right. Better late than never... money has been a bit tight. Before I order, Blank Stares, which issue did you pen for ? #1 or #2 ?